Pipeline coatings

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About us

POLYTEC S.A. is a Belgian pipeline coatings specialist. For over 50 years, we are the exclusive representative of POLYKEN and CANUSA anti-corrosion products. So our suppliers and employees are dedicated and respectful of your needs.

Every country has its own regulatory guidelines, so we always maintain the finest industry standards.

All of these conditions need to be carefully assessed before tape wrapping systems and sleeves can be selected. We pride ourselves in our comprehensive range of coating solutions, application techniques, and brand partnerships.

Heat shrinkable sleeves

Shrinksleeves are applied in the field, offering a high anti-corrosion and mechanical barrier to extend the lifespan of your oil, water and gas pipelines.

Cold application of pipeline coating tape systems

Cold-applied tape coating systems are designed to prevent corrosion in field joints, speciality piping, and fittings.

Pipeline reconditioning

Gas and hazardous fluid pipelines are prone to ageing as the years march on, so they need ongoing maintenance for continued performance.

Extra mechanical protection

The application of additional geotextiles around the pipes (ref. GEOTRA-PP-800 and GEOTRA-PP-2000) is intended…